Dan Ringo

Dan Ringo

Dan Ringo is an author and instructor at HVACU. Over the last twenty five years, Dan has worked in many different HVAC plants and positions and used his unique teaching method to help colleagues and students of various backgrounds acquire their professional licensure in several municipalities.

Dan developed a layman's approach utilizing the 5 Question Theory to learn and integrate boiler operations into a student's articulation. This approached helped Dan earn his Boiler Operator, 3rd Class Refrigeration Operator, 3rd Class Stationary Engineer, 2nd Class Stationary Engineer, 1st Class Stationary Engineer, 1st Class Refrigeration Operator, Unlimited Refrigeration Journeyman, Mechanical Contractor License all within a six year period.

As the Assistant Director of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 547 Education Center, Dan developed curriculum that saw an increase in students actually getting licensed after taking courses.

Dan also holds an Applied Science degree in Electrical/Mechanical Technology from the Community College of the Air Force, a Bachelor of Arts from Wayne State University and a Juris Doctor degree from Wayne State University.

Dan has been teaching and tutoring in this field for the last twenty years.